My Cleveland Browns Football Card Collection

I have a large collection of Cleveland Browns football cards which I am posting on this website. In 1950, the year the Browns entered the NFL, the Bowman Gum Company included several Browns players in that year's issue. Usually football cards are sold every year with the cards containing the player's statistics from the previous year. (For instance, cards issued in 1968 contain the player's 1967 season statistics). In the case of the 1950 Browns cards they do not list the players 1949 statistics because they were in the All-America Football Conference that year (In 1999 Topps would do a similar team set issue with the newly reconstituted Cleveland Browns since the team didn't exist from 1996-98). However, since the 1950 set of Browns cards was issued during their first year in the NFL that makes those cards rookie cards even though they had played previously in the AAFC. The 1951 set of Browns cards contains their 1950 inaugural NFL season statistics.

Beginning with their first season in the NFL I have the complete team sets of Cleveland Browns football cards from 1950 to the present. I'm am referring to the cards that were issued by the Bowman Company, the Philadephia Company, and the Topps Company. During the late 80s and early 90s Score, Upper Deck, and other card companies started issuing sets of football cards as the trading card industry exploded. I have many of the Browns cards from these companies as well. I will post these other sets of Browns cards as time allows.

I started collecting cards in 1968 when I was ten years old. That was the year I started following the Cleveland Browns and also the year that Leroy Kelly became my favorite player of all-time. (I even used to carry his 1969 card in my wallet when I was eleven years old.) Every card posted throughout this website is from my collection. When I started collecting football cards most trading was done between myself and my friends. At ten years old I had no idea of how many Browns cards had been issued up until that time nor could I have ever imagined owning every one of the major card companies' Browns team sets. My two favorite designs are the oval photos on the 1958 set and the 1962 set with frames including an action photograph of the player. I also like the 1964 set because they show the Browns in their full uniforms holding their orange helmets (and reportedly Jim Brown's Cadillac in the background - At an autograph signing Ernie Green confirmed to me that was indeed Jim Brown's car) and also remember seeing them in my older brothers collection when I was a kid. However, the cards from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties were very generic and bland in nature. That changed when the market became competitive in the 1990s. The photography on these other companies' cards evolved into some really beautiful cards and in the process forced Topps to improve the design of their previously uninspired creations. I believe the 1993 Fleer set of cards may be the best designed base card set ever issued. The inaugural 1991 Topps Stadium Club premium set consists of borderless cards with beautiful photos of Browns players in game action. The front of the cards have a foil Stadium Club logo imprint and the backs have photos of each player's Topps rookie card. Autograph and Jersey cards were also introduced during this time along with foil lettering and other artistic innovations.

Out of the hundreds of Cleveland Browns football cards that I own, I prize one above all the others. In 1970, when I was 12 years old, my dad drove me to the downtown Lazarus store in Columbus Ohio to meet my all-time favorite player Leroy Kelly. He was signing autographs at the store and back then athletes didn't charge money to get their autograph. He signed a photograph they were giving away and I also asked him to sign a 1970 Topps Leroy Kelly card which I owned. The card below is to me the most valuable card I have because my favorite player signed it for me.

1970 Leroy Kelly Autographed Card

I know the vintage Browns cards I have can be found on a few other websites but I am posting my cards as a Browns fan. These cards may not be as valuable as others team's cards because the Browns have not had much success since the 60s. However, to me they are worth a lot because of the memories they have for me. I hope you enjoy them too. Click on any Year link listed below to see the Browns cards for that year.

Bowman Football Cards 1950 -1955

Miniature 1950 Marion Motley Rookie Bowman football card1950 Bowman Cards Miniature 1951 Otto Graham Bowman football card1951 Bowman Cards
Miniature 1952 Tommy Thompson Rookie Bowman football card1952 Bowman Cards Miniature 1953 George Ratterman Bowman football card1953 Bowman Cards
Miniature 1954 Otto Graham Bowman football card1954 Bowman Cards Miniature 1955 Frank Gatski Rookie Bowman football card1955 Bowman Cards

Topps Football Cards 1956 -1963

Miniature 1956 Lou Groza Topps football card1956 Topps Cards Miniature 1957 Lou Groza Topps football card1957 Topps Cards
Miniature 1958 Jim Brown Rookie Topps football card1958 Topps Cards Miniature 1959 Boby Mitchell Topps football card1959 Topps Cards
Miniature 1960 Bob Gain Topps football card1960 Topps Cards Miniature 1961 Jim Brown Topps football card1961 Topps Cards
Miniature 1962 Ernie Davis Topps football card1962 Topps Cards Miniature 1963 Don Fleming Topps football card1963 Topps Cards

Philadelphia Football Cards 1964 -1967

Miniature 1964 Jim Brown Philadelphia football card1964 Philadelphia Cards Miniature 1965 Paul Warfield Philadelphia football card1965 Philadelphia Cards
Miniature 1966 Gene Hickerson Rookie Philadelphia football card1966 Philadelphia Cards Miniature 1967 Leroy Kelly Rookie Philadelphia football card1967 Philadelphia Cards

Topps Football Cards 1968 -1995

Miniature 1968 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1968 Topps Cards Miniature 1969 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1969 Topps Cards
Miniature 1970 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1970 Topps Cards Miniature 1971 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1971 Topps Cards
Miniature 1972 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1972 Topps Cards Miniature 1973 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1973 Topps Cards
Miniature 1974 Leroy Kelly Topps football card1974 Topps Cards Miniature 1975 Doug Dieken Topps football card1975 Topps Cards
Miniature 1976 Brian Sipe Rookie Topps football card1976 Topps Cards Miniature 1977 Greg Pruitt Topps football card1977 Topps Cards
Miniature 1978 Brian Sipe Topps football card1978 Topps Cards Miniature 1979 Ozzie Newsome Rookie Topps football card1979 Topps Cards
Miniature 1980 Ozzie Newsome Topps football card1980 Topps Cards Miniature 1981 Brian Sipe Super Action Topps football card1981 Topps Cards
Miniature 1982 Ozzie Newsome In Action Topps football card1982 Topps Cards Miniature 1983 Hanford Dixon Rookie Topps football card1983 Topps Cards
Miniature 1984 Matt Bahr Topps football card1984 Topps Cards Miniature 1985 Don Rogers Rookie Topps football card1985 Topps Cards
Miniature 1986 Bernie Kosar Rookie Topps football card1986 Topps Cards Miniature 1987 Brian Brennan Rookie Topps football card1987 Topps Cards
Miniature 1988 Webster Slaughter 1000 yard club Topps football card1988 Topps Cards Miniature 1989 Eric Metcalf Rookie Topps Traded football card1989 Topps Cards
Miniature 1990 Bernie Kosar football card1990 Topps Cards Miniature 1991 Eric Turner Rookie Topps football card1991 Topps Cards
Miniature 1992 Tommy Vardell Rookie Topps football card1992 Topps Cards Miniature 1993 Eric Metcalf Topps football card1993 Topps Cards
Miniature 1994 Vinny Testaverde Topps football card1994 Topps Cards Miniature 1995 Steve Everitt Topps football card1995 Topps Cards

Upper Deck Collectors Choice Cards 1996

Miniature 1996 Eric Zeier Upper Deck Collectors Choice football card1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Cards

Topps Football Cards 1999 - Present

Miniature 1999 Tim Couch Rookie Topps football card1999 Topps Cards Miniature 2000 Dennis Northcutt Rookie Topps football card2000 Topps Cards
Miniature 2001 Quincy Morgan Rookie Topps football card2001 Topps Cards Miniature 2002 William Green Rookie Topps football card2002 Topps Cards
Miniature 2003 Kelly Holcomb Topps football card2003 Topps Cards Miniature 2003 Kellen Winslow Rookie Topps football card2004 Topps Cards
Miniature 2005 Braylon Edwards Rookie Topps football card2005 Topps Cards Miniature 2006 Jerome Harrison Rookie Topps football card2006 Topps Cards
Miniature 2007 Brady Quinn Rookie Topps football card2007 Topps Cards Miniature 2008 Derek Anderson Topps football card2008 Topps Cards
Miniature 2009 Josh Cribbs Topps football card2009 Topps Cards Miniature 2010 Colt McCoy Rookie Topps football card2010 Topps Cards
Miniature 2011 Greg Little Rookie Topps football card2011 Topps Cards Miniature 2011 Jabaal Sheard Rookie Upper Deck football card2012 Topps Cards
Miniature 2013 Trent Richardson Topps football card2013 Topps Cards Miniature 2014 Johnny Manziel Rookie Topps football card2014 Topps Cards

Non-Sports Card Companies Browns Football Cards

Miniature 1985 Coca Cola/Mr Hero football card1985 Coca Cola Cards Miniature 1993 McDonalds GameDay football card1993 McDonalds Cards
Miniature 1999 Orlando Brown Giant Eagle football card1999 Giant Eagle Cards

Action Packed Football Cards

Miniature 1990 Bernie Kosar Action Packed football card1990 Action Packed Cards Miniature 1991 Eric Turner Rookie Action Packed football card1991 Action Packed Cards
Miniature 1992 Bernie Kosar Action Packed football card1992 Action Packed Cards Miniature 1993 Bernie Kosar Monday Night Football Action Packed football card1993 Action Packed Cards
Miniature 1994 Vinny Testaverde Action Packed football card1994 Action Packed Cards Miniature 1995 Leroy Hoard Action Packed football card1995 Action Packed Cards
Miniature 1996 Eric Zeier Artist's Proof Action Packed football card1996 Action Packed Cards

Bowman Football Cards

Miniature 1991 Eric Metcalf Bowman football card1991 Bowman Cards Miniature 1992 Matt Stover Bowman football card1992 Bowman Cards
Miniature 1993 Bernie Kosar Bowman football card1993 Bowman Cards Miniature 1994 Vinny Testaverde Bowman football card1994 Bowman Cards
Miniature 1995 Eric Zeier Rookie Bowman football card1995 Bowman Cards Miniature 1999 Tim Couch Rookie Bowman football card1999 Bowman Cards
Miniature 2000 Dennis Northcutt Rookie Bowman football card2000 Bowman Cards Miniature 2001 Kevin Johnson Bowman football card2001 Bowman Cards
Miniature 2002 William Green Rookie Bowman football card2002 Bowman Cards Miniature 2003 Tim Couch Bowman football card2003 Bowman Cards
Miniature 2004 Jeff Garcia Bowman football card2004 Bowman Cards Miniature 2005 Coach Romeo Crennel Rookie Bowman football card2005 Bowman Cards
Miniature 2006 Jerome Harrison Rookie Bowman football card2006 Bowman Cards Miniature 2007 Brady Quinn Rookie Bowman football card2007 Bowman Cards
Miniature 2008 Derek Anderson Bowman football card2008 Bowman Cards Miniature 2009 Brian Robiskie Rookie Bowman football card2009 Bowman Cards

Fleer Football Cards

Miniature 1990 Eddie Johnson Fleer football card1990 Fleer Cards Miniature 1991 Kevin Mack Fleer football card1991 Fleer Cards
Miniature 1992 Eric Metcalf Fleer football card1992 Fleer Cards Miniature 1993 Bernie Kosar Fleer football card1993 Fleer Cards
Miniature 1994 Michael Dean Perry Fleer football card1994 Fleer Cards Miniature 1995 Eric Turner Fleer football card1995 Fleer Cards

Pacific Football Cards

Miniature 1991 Eric Metcalf Pacific football card1991 Pacific Cards Miniature 1992 Tommy Vardell Rookie Pacific football card1992 Pacific Cards

Pinnacle Football Cards

Miniature 1991 Eric Metcalf Pinnacle football card1991 Pinnacle Cards Miniature 1992 Tommy Vardell Rookie Pinnacle football card1992 Pinnacle Cards

Pro Line Football Cards

Miniature 1991 Bill Belichick Rookie Pro Line Portraits football card1991 Pro Line Portraits Cards

Pro Set Football Cards

Miniature 1988 Frank Minnifield Pro Set football card1988 Pro Set Cards Miniature 1989 Eric Metcalf Rookie Pro Set football card1989 Pro Set Cards
Miniature 1990 Cody Risien Pro Set football card1990 Pro Set Cards Miniature 1991 Head Coach Bill Belichick Rookie Pro Set football card1991 Pro Set Cards
Miniature 1992 Browns AFC Spirit of the Game Pro Set football card1992 Pro Set Cards Miniature 1993 Vinny Testaverde Pro Set football card1993 Pro Set Cards

Score Football Cards

Miniature 1989 Eric Metcalf Rookie Score football card1989 Score Cards Miniature 1990 Bernie Kosar Hot Gun Score football card Score football card1990 Score Cards
Miniature 1991 Eric Metcalf Score football card Score football card1991 Score Cards

Topps Stadium Club Cards

Miniature 1991 Brian Brennan Topps Stadium Club football card1991 Topps Stadium Club Cards Miniature 1992 Michael Jackson Topps Stadium Club football card1992 Topps Stadium Club Cards

Upper Deck Football Cards

Miniature 1991 Eric Turner Star Rookie football card1991 Upper Deck Cards

Individual Browns Players' Cards

2011 Greg Little Topps Rookie football cardGreg Little Cards
2006 Colt McCoy Top Picks Rookie football cardColt McCoy Cards
2001 Ozzie Newsome Donruss Classics Stadium Stars Authentic Municipal Stadium Seat Relic football cardOzzie Newsome Cards
2010 Paul Warfield Panini Crown Royale Living Legends MATERIALS #21 football cardPaul Warfield Cards

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